Dreamwalls Paints is committed towards manufacturing, marketing and distributing paint and water-proofing products since 2004. Its main focus is satisfying a wide variety of domestic and international market needs.Having grown dramatically from a collection of small scale family-run businesses into a major industrial corporation, Dreamwalls Paints manufactures paints and coatings that customers count on for quality across Maharastra, Telangana and Karnataka.

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Interior Paints

Luxurious, durable, vibrant, eco-friendly, washable, low-odor, matte, glossy, silk, emulsion, acrylic.

Exterior Paints

Weatherproof, fade-resistant, UV-protected, waterproof, high-gloss, acrylic, latex, enamel.

Special Range

Paints that offer unique characteristics, functionalities, or applications beyond standard decorative coatings.


Falls under the category of water-based paints & recognized for its cost-effective finish.
Our Vision

By partnering with customers to find out exactly what each regional market segment is looking for in our products, we have given a new meaning to the word responsiveness.

We apply our knowledge of these needs, along with cutting-edge technology, to create paint and coating formulations that satisfy customer protection, durability and beauty requirements. This ensures that our products reflect our commitment to innovation and technological leadership. 

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