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Dreamwalls Saffire Waterbased Primer

Dreamwalls Saffire Waterbased Primer is suitable for undercoat (Interior) for walls, asbestos, concrete, cement before the finishing coat. It provides a suitable substrate for wall finishing. It is thinned with potable water to achieve applicable consistency. It provides a few special features to substrate as easy brushing, alkali resistant, excellent covering, quick drying and better sealing power.
Dreamwalls Saffire Waterbased Primer can be used as a primer for painting of wall finishes (water base) like as Acrylic distemper and Plastic Emulsion paint.

Dreamwalls Max Interior Waterbased Primer

Introducing Dreamwalls Max Interior Waterbased Primer (Water Thinnable), the go-to choice for interior masonry surfaces. This water-based wall primer is a game-changer for anyone seeking to transform their indoor spaces.
Dreamwalls Max Interior Waterbased Primer offers exceptional qualities that set it apart from the competition. With its remarkable whiteness, it creates a clean and vibrant canvas for your paint, ensuring your colors shine brilliantly.
Moreover, this primer provides excellent coverage, allowing you to achieve a uniform finish with fewer coats, saving both time and money. Its advanced formulation includes flow and leveling properties, making it effortless to apply even on rough or uneven surfaces, resulting in a sleek, professional finish. Plus, its eco-friendly water-based formula ensures easy cleanup and peace of mind for environmentally conscious consumers. Make your interior projects a breeze with Dreamwalls Max Interior Waterbased Primer, your ticket to a flawless transformation.